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Jailbreak iPhone 4

Jail break iPhone 4 – We Show You How

iPhone 4 Jailbreaks

Do you have a sleek, skinny, iPhone 4 that you keep on your night stand and reach for just after you open your eyes every day? Is your iPhone4 kinda like your best friend? If so, it is totally logical. Don’t listen to your so-called pals who try to wean you from your iPhone 4. Embrace your obsession. After all, it is your iPhone 4 that tells you how to get to that Ethiopian place that your friend Walter goes on and on about. And it is your iPhone 4 that lets you have FaceTime with your friend Amy, who, it has to be admitted, ripped your heart out when she moved 3000 miles away just so that she could get a stellar education. So, keep your iPhone 4 close.

You may have noticed that some of your fellow iPhone 4 devotees can do stuff with their phone that you can not do with yours. What is up with that? They have set their iPhone 4 free; they are the proud owners of jailbroken phones. Are you in the know about jailbreaking? Perhaps you know what it is, in a vague way, but not how to jailbreak? If so, spend some time getting to know about the jail break – it is an activity that 7 million owners of Apple devices got into just last week. Yep, 7 million can’t be wrong. Well, actually they can…they can be wrong. But they sure can’t be ignored.

The iPhone 4 Jailbreak

If you want to learn what all the fuss is about, and how you can join the throngs of jail breakers, if you feel the call, read on.

Why jail break your iPhone 4?

Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 – or 3g or 4s or 5 –just means that your phone will ignore all of the restrictions that Apple has placed on it. (We will get into how you can set your phone free later in this article. For now, just know that it is ridiculously doable.) So, what can a jail break do for you?

Expand your app universe

Sure, the iTunes Store has lots of worthy apps – it cannot be denied – but it does not have all of the worthy apps out there. Do you know about Cydia? If not, prepare to have your mind blown – in a minor way – but still. Cydia is a space, much like the iTunes Store, where you can download apps. Apps that you will not find in the iTunes Store. Cydia has games, networking apps, and some really cool apps that let you tweak how your iPhone works; how you tell it what to do.

Apple, after all, approves all of the apps that end up in the iTunes Store – so it is a limited world of apps. Cydia has opened its doors to apps that have come from not-Apple minds that have come up with some great stuff.

Apps like Graviboard, that make your app icons fall around your screen. You can even play with with your app icons, flinging them around your screen. Yes, this is an app that serves no real purpose; it is not useful in any way. Think of it as the “Silly Putty” or “Slinky” of apps. Admit it; it would be pretty cool to watch icons falling all over your screen. Right?

How about using your iPhone or iPad as a modem?

The non-technically minded among you may have responded to this question with a huh. Or maybe not. Carriers like Sprint offer a service that they called “tethering”. It lets users use their iPhone to connect their laptops to the Internet: of course, they charge a considerable price for this service. MyWi lets jail breakers do this for free. So, that is an enticing little benefit.

Visual freedom

Are you turned on or off by how a gadget looks? Do you get tired of the same wallpaper day after day after day after day? Well, a jailbroken iPhone has access to apps that can change how it looks. New wallpaper – can you imagine it? Or perhaps it is your icons that you want to change. Or your dock?

More games

Do you have games on your PC that you’d like to have on your iPhone 4 but they are just not compatible? And does this make you sad? A jailbroken iPhone 4 can turn your frown into a smile. How? If you install what is called a secure shell (SSH) on your jailbroken phone, you will be able to move data between your iPhone 4 and your laptop. And yes, in this case, data can mean games.

A word to the wise, though. If you do download an SSH, you need to change its password. This is because the password is always “alpine” and everyone know that it is. Not changing “alpine” to something else means that your phone is no longer safe. As the say, just do it.

From customizing how your iPhone 4 looks to improving its functionality, you don’t have to strain your brain to imagine how you might benefit from jail breaking. There’s some stuff you should know before you jailbreak your best friend. Here it is.

Unlocked does not equal jailbroken

If you want to use a different carrier with your iPhone, you want to unlock your iPhone, not jailbreak it. An unlocked iPhone lets you free yourself from the list of Apple-approved callers; no jailbreak required.

Tethered versus untethered

A tethered jailbreak often comes before an untethered jailbreak. Why is this? The hackers usually break the operating system in such a way that allows for a tethered jailbreak before making the final break that lets them untether the jailbreak.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak How

Know what operating system your iPhone is running on

What Apple operating software is running your iPhone 4? Is it IOS 6? IOS 6.0.1? IOS 6.0.2? IOS 6.0.1? IOS 6.1.1? If you don’t know, and you plan to jailbreak your iPhone, you should find out. This is because you might lose your jailbreak – in the future – if you upgrade your operating system. It is easy to manage this problem; just do a google search before upgrading to a new op system. The information you need will be readily available. All over the place.

Where should I go to jailbreak my iPhone 4?

You can just click on our sponsored ad if you want to jailbreak your iPhone. You will be taken to a website where you can jailbreak any iPhone in a safe and easy way. No engineering degree required. RedSnow and Absinthe are the go-to jailbreaking tools in the jailbreaking universe, and they have earned their reputation. Keep it simple. And at a reasonable price.

Oh, and beware sites that confuse you. There is a humungous market for jailbreaking software out there, and as in any market of this size, there are stand-up services and, well, not-so-stand-up services. Make sure that you are comfortable with the tool that you choose to go with.

So what do you think? Are you ready to give your best friend, AKA your iPhone 4 a new look? Perhaps change a few icons? Bring in a new color scheme? Or maybe it is expanding your iPhone 4’s functionality that has you inspired. Maybe you want to do more swiping and spend less time in the settings zone? Whatever grabs you about jailbreaking your iPhone, enjoy its new freedom if you take the plunge. Hey, you might become even fonder of your iPhone 4. But is this even possible?